Paul Merson has come down hard on Arsene Wenger

Paul Merson has come down hard on Arsene Wenger saying that he has got to win the Premiership at any cost to earn the right to stay in his job.

According to Merson, in case the Gunners fail to become the Champions, it would be hard for Wenger to make a justification to the supporters as to why he didn’t go for the new signings at all last summer.

Merson is also of the opinion that it’s no big deal for a manager to guide Arsenal to top 4 as the squad is good enough to do it itself. There is no astuteness on the part of Wenger in making that happen.

Speaking on television, the Englishman, who played for the Gunners for a long time, from the mid eighties to the late nineties, said, “Arsene Wenger shouldn’t remain in charge if the weaker rivals beat Arsenal to the title.”

“I mean ahead of the season, you come and say there are no signings needed and then, you can’t go past a couple of weaker oppositions to the title. You would just not be able to justify that.”

“Yes, if City takes away the title, then it’s different and then, he might not have to take that much flak to be honest because you can’t compete with City in terms of money and everybody knows that. But, there can’t be any justification if they lose it to someone else.”

“You know people talk about Arsenal’s consistency under Wenger, but, I tell you what, even if you give the charge of that team to some other manager, he would also make sure that they earn a top 4 spot because they are a team which have the quality to do that.”

Arsenal is third in the Premiership table after 27 games and they will play Swansea City next on Wednesday.