Arsenal Chasing Unknown Omanian?

Arsene Wenger, the manager of Arsenal, has decided that he needs a left back to be brought into the club by the end of January. He is desperate to ensure that a left back is brought in and this has resulted in one of the weirdest deals ever to have been faced by Arsenal…

They have decided to take in Saad al-Mukhaini on trial and after a two day trial they might finalize the deal if they like what they see. If the deal is finalized, then Saad al-Mukhaini will be only the second Omanian player to have been participating in the Barclay’s Premier League.

Arsenal have been associated and linked with a diverse set of names this season, including those of Wayne bridge, Taye taiwo, Aly Cissoko and many others. But experimenting with an unknown Omanian is something which has not happened in quite a while and the outcome might well be surprising.

A recent fan poll meanwhile, suggested that fans would prefer playing Marouane Chamakh out of position as an emergency left back option rather than putting someone completely unknown in at the deep end – the premier league is not a place to learn your trade.

The fate of Arsenal and their success depends to some extent upon the skill and technique of this Omanian player, though if they are relying on novices in their biggest matches then I don’t think I’d place a Champions League bet on Arsenal! It might turn out to be a good choice taking player on a trial period, but nothing can be sure of till now until he actually gets down to some serious action on the field. Whether a cheap signing will appeas fans clamouring for a big name, remains to be seen.