Wenger: Leicester City are the fans favourites

Leicester City’s amazing season continues on with their latest Premier League result which finished off with them claiming a 3-1 triumph over Manchester City. This is the 7th successive undefeated match of Claudio Ranieri’s team as they have recently been claiming convincing victories over top clubs such as: Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and more recently Manchester City and according to Arsene Wenger, the Frenchman believes that everyone wants Leicester City to win the Premier League title and become the new champions of England.

Arsenal will be facing off with Leicester City on February 14th of the ongoing year and the French manager took the time to talk about the team that has taken the Premier League by storm.

“The next game is important for us. The Leicester game is only ­important if we do well at Bournemouth. We are conscious it is a vital game. That is the game for me more than the Leicester game. The whole country wants Leicester to win it, of course. And it is natural, it is normal. The advantage they have until the end of the season apart from our fans, the Manchester City and Tottenham fans is that the rest of the country is behind Leicester.” Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger told the media.

Leicester are currently the bookmakers’ favourites to win the Premier League, with Ladbrokes making them odds-on favourites for the first time ever, with just over 10 matches left to go.

Arsene Wenger is a constant target of criticism for his lack of signing big name players and splashing out cash in reinforcing his team but one of the big reasons of why Wenger is a supporter and admirer of Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City and of what they have accomplished in this season is due to their lack of high profile signings.

Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez are the 2 biggest stars of Leicester City and they only cost the club around £1.35million in transfer fees.

This is what Arsene Wenger is hoping to accomplish with his team, the Frenchman wants to win big titles without having to offload so much cash in signing high-profile players and this is what the top clubs have been doing for the past few years.