Shkodran Mustafi says he follows everything Islam says

Shkodran Mustafi says he follows everything Islam says and he would make sure none of his acts ever go against the principles of Islam.

At his previous club in Spain, Mustafi had shown how hard core an Islamic person he is when he had refused to give an interview to the media just because a liquor container was kept on the table in the media hall.

The liquor brand was one of the sponsors of that Spanish club and as per their agreement, a container had to be displayed in all the press conferences, but, it’s something which Islam strictly prohibits, the use of liquor.

So, Mustafi, out of respect for his religion, pulled out. However, he had to do the press conference later as the club could not breach the agreement it had with its sponsor already and that he was told.

Remembering it, the young defender said, “It wasn’t that anyone was displeased about it. They knew why I was not willing to sit at that place. There was no way out eventually and it was not removed, but, I received an apology from Valencia authorities and from the sponsors as well.”

“Look, nothing is dearer than Islam as far as I am concerned. I have learnt so much from Islam, it gives me peace, it gives me power and I feel great to be following such a religion.”

“I, at times, miss the routine prayers when I am flying or playing and this year because of European Championships, I couldn’t even keep the fast during Ramadan month. You can’t manage without any diet and without any liquid when you are into a tournament, but, it was my duty as a sportsperson to keep my shape for my team.”