The supporters of the Arsenal Football Club have not enjoyed the way the club management has gone about transfer activities this summer. There has been no big player brought in which has taken the supporters by surprise and has angered them too.

The association of the supporters wrote to board of directors of the club yesterday emphasizing the point that such a policy should be reviewed.

The words of the association were, “We are pleased that Arsenal is one of the most financially stable clubs in Europe, but, we are a little bit disappointed as well with the fact that not enough investments were put in transfer market this time around to strengthen the squad.”

“There were perhaps not too many additions needed as the squad that the club has got at the moment is of high quality itself, but, it would have been better if a couple of more utility players had joined in.”

“We are not of the opinion that the players should be signed just because the transfer window is open and the club is supposed to show some activity. But, it’s important that the efforts should be made in the direction of getting Arsenal’s first team more and more strengthened.”

Much to the dismay of the fans, Arsenal weren’t even linked with that many players throughout the transfer window – suggesting there wsn’t even smoke, let alone fire! Whilst one bookmaker on the web had Arsenal as the favourites to land Monaco’s Anthony Martial at one point, the chances of that deal happening vanished as soon as Manchester United got involved, and added £10m to their transfer bid.

“We request the governing body of club to have a look at the arrangements that are in place as far as buying players is concerned.”

“However, there is no doubt that the Arsenal supporters would be backing the current lot of players with the same sort of enthusiasm as the past seasons and we are confident that this lot is good enough to bring glory to the Emirates Stadium.”

With a win and a draw in 3 games thus far, Arsenal stands seventh in the Premier League table.