Arsene Wenger has accused Diego Costa of foul play

Arsene Wenger has accused Diego Costa of foul play in the recent 2-0 defeat against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

It was yet another poor result for Wenger against José Mourinho, but the result left a bad taste in the Frenchman’s mouth due to the refereeing decisions that largely went against his team. Arsenal were reduced to 9 men by the end of the game and they had played for the entire second half without defender Gabriel, who was sent off due to his involvement in a fight with Costa. The Chelsea striker, though, received only a yellow card for his actions.

Replays showed that Gabriel deliberately stuck his studs into Costa and this earned him a red card. The Chelsea striker, meanwhile, was seen having his hands on defender Laurent Koscielny at the start of the incident. Wenger admitted that Gabriel received a red card largely because of his naivety. Costa used it to his advantage and dragged the defender into a battle that ultimately resulted in the red card. Wenger says that even if an opponent spits during the game, players should not take the bait and instead focus on remaining on the pitch.

The result is a huge positive for Chelsea, who have begun this season in horrendous fashion.“We warn them not to get involved, and I don’t understand Gabriel because he usually looks a calm boy. For me, it’s not difficult to stay calm. I don’t believe it is. You have to be above [anything that is said]. That’s part of the game. For me, to be professional is to deal with that.You can spit in my face and, if it’s in a game, then I will not respond. I do not guarantee that outside of the game. You stand up to it in a controlled way,” said Wenger.