Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has criticised the negotiations tactics of the Italian club are Juventus who were one of the favourites to secure the signature of the striker Robin van Persie.

The Italian champions were unable to match a fee with Arsenal for the striker. Arsenal ended up selling the player to Manchester United for £ 24 million, which is an extraordinary amount of business given that the player had only one season left on his deal. Juventus recently spoke about the disappointment of not being able to sign the player, but Wenger said that he was extremely disappointed with the offer given by Juventus.

Even though Arsene Wenger failed to disclose the exact amount offered by Juventus, his first appeared to indicate that the figure was in the region of £ 8 million.

However, Arsenal managed to sell the player for £ 24 million. Wenger has said that whenever Juventus players are linked with other clubs, they demand extraordinary transfer fees in the region of more than £ 50 million. However, there are not prepared to offer less than 10 percentage of that amount to other players for bringing into the club. As a result, they had themselves to blame for not securing Robin van Persie.

“Juventus can’t think about selling their players for €70 million and then buying new ones for a tenth of that amount. That would be too easy – it’s not possible in today’s football. Van Persie would have been a free agent in the summer of 2013 but we decided to sell only after Manchester United made a great offer,” said Arsene Wenger. His comments come after the Juventus Chief executive made comments that he felt that Robin van Persie was hugely expensive for the Italian club both in terms of wages and the transfer fees.

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