No Offers yet for Dembele andAouar, claims Rudi Garcia

No Offers yet for Dembele andAouar, claims Rudi Garcia


Lyon manager RudiGarcia has revealed thatstriker Moussa Dembele and midfielder Houssem Aouar have not yet received any offers from the clubs. With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer trying to strengthening the attacking side of Manchester United, Dembele is one of the options that can be used.

Aouar has also had interests from clubs like Manchester City and Juventus. Sporting director of Lyon has said that when the summer transfer window opens both the players can leaveif they want to.

Garcia has confirmed that both the players have not yet received any offers. He is hoping that Aouar can stay along with the club and play along with United former winger Memphis Depay.

Lyon have missed their opportunity to play in the Champions League. This season has been a total disaster for the club and in the next season, they will be looking forward to starting overnext season.

Sporting Director Juninho Pernambucano wants to start over and that’s why he wants to sell Dembele and Aouar and see what will be the outcome of it. Both the players are the best players in the club but their scenario is entirely different.

Aouar belonged to their academy and has been part of the club for a long time. His game has a technical touch to it and the club very well knows that players like him will leave one day. The president is the one who will decide until then they are welcoming the propositions and study those clearlyand will choose.

Meanwhile, Garcia said that they are looking forward to strengthening their defence and when the summer transfer window approaches they will be looking for a defender.

“We need leadership, but we are looking at young defenders, rather than those who are more seasoned. I don’t know if financially it will be possible,” said Garcia.