There has been suggestions in the last few weeks that the current crop of Arsenal players do not care about the club as much as the previous generation of players, who are regarded as legends after going through an entire season unbeaten.

It was also the famous Arsenal team that consisted of players like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira. It made them the Invincibles in the English football era for the first time. Even though Arsenal have had several victories in matches since then, they have been unable to lift a single trophy. The trophy drought stretches back to 2005 when they last won the FA Cup.

The 2-1 defeat at the hands of Chelsea during the weekend leaves Arsenal in a precarious position whereby even Champions League football is likely to be available next season. Wenger has placed so much stress on qualifying for this European competition on a regular basis, which he regards to be of importance over the prospect of winning cups like the FA cup and the League Cup. As a result, Arsenal have been one of the consistent teams in the Premier league over the last several years. This is also led to suggestions that the current crop of players do not care about club as much as the previous generation did.

“Of course. They care as much, if not more. People have the right to criticise when the games don’t go as well as you want but I can show you games of the players you spoke about [and] I can tell you some bad starts [from them] as well, believe me. I can show you some goals where you can see where they were not completely untouchable. That happened to them as well,” said Wenger ahead of the FA Cup match with Brighton.