Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that the club is in good position for a secure future. Pressure has been on the Frenchman to deliver trophies, as it has been eight seasons since the club last lifted a major trophy.

It looks highly unlikely that they will be able to challenge for a trophy in the forthcoming future due to the presence of clubs like Manchester City and Tottenham in the race. The comfortable top four finish of a few seasons ago has vanished for Arsenal, as the club are in danger of missing out on the Champions League group stages for the first time in more than a decade.

Despite this pessimism, Wenger has said that the financial position of the club means that they are secure for several years ahead. The 63-year-old has also said that he would be ready to sign a new contract with the club. Wenger has been linked with a move away from the Emirates stadium in the summer as he has only just over 12 months left on his current contract, which runs out in the summer of 2014. Arsenal will be facing QPR during the weekend.

This will be the start of the final three matches for the club and could decide the fate in the future, as missing out on the Champions League could be costly, with their shiny new shirts suddenly not being as popular in the Soccer Store.

“We have gone through a period that was very sensitive, we are coming out of it now. Everything is here to have a great future. We have a good fan base, we have now a strong financial situation, we have good young players and a squad with a bright future with the quality of the young players we have. It is just to manage it well now. I answered that question already. I respect my contracts. I want to stay if I do well and if I consider or the club considers that I do well, that is all,” said Wenger.