Arsenal still lacking in one quality, according to Clichy

Arsenal still lacking in one quality, according to Clichy


Gael Clichy has commented that Arsenal has improved on scoring goals but is still lacking it in defence as they have not improved in conceding the goals. He points out that Arsenal has not fully recovered from the problems that have surfaced during the Arsene Wenger’s time.

Wenger during his long period of stay at Arsenal has developed one of the best teams in Europe. Their style of attacking football and other principles, they are following led them to fame and many titles. It was Wenger whohelped Arsenal to develop their own way of football.

Wenger during his 22 years stay at Gunners has helped them win three Premier League titles and the season of 2003–2004 where they were unbeaten in a single game, a record that has not yet been broken. But as years passed Arsenal started losing their ground. Wenger has lost his touch on the team before he moved on 2018.

As Arsenal focussed on attacking football, the defence line started to trigger apart. This lead to a huge problem which still affects the Gunners. Even though attacking was their strength which helped them to play games and win them, the defence was a drawback which led them down.

Even today’s team they have that quality to score four goals in 10 minutes. Don’t ask me why Arsenal have always been able to do this but they can also even today concede goals for fun,” said Clichy.

He told that there are several instances which can be compared to this. In a match against Newcastle United, they have conceded four goals even though they were leading it by four goals.This is what Arsenal is, that they can play and score goals against any team but at the same time the lead is destroyable.

He also told that the club has amazing playerswho were young and talented. But the team lacked in character and didn’t have much experience too.