Arsenal needs to strengthen their team, says Mikel Arteta

Arsenal needs to strengthen their team, says Mikel Arteta


Arsenal manager knows that his club has its own weakness and they will surely need to more players in the summer transfer window to strengthen the club as a team. The club has beaten the champions, Liverpool, in their previous match for 2–1. The match began with the first goal from Sadio Mane but with so many errors from the opposition, Arsenal was able to pull off two goals from Alexandre Lacazette and Reiss Nelson. Even though they have won the match, the club is currently on ninth position with 40 point Gap between Liverpool.

In the post-match session,Artetahas said that it is clear that Arsenal should improve their strengths for the upcoming season. Since 2004, the Gunners have not won any Premier League title and the last time they appeared in the runners up section was on 2015–2016 season.

The gap between the top four has only widened after Arsenal has dismissed Unai Emery from his position on November who was only six points behind the top four. In the post-match session when asked about when can the club can cross over this gap he has also said that it depends on various factors such as Context resources and the amount of change necessary on the team.

Asked how long it will take to close the gap, Arteta said in a news conference: “Well I have seen it and I have experienced it. To do it in one year, and I have seen other clubs never do it. Or some clubs do it in four or five years.”

He added that they arein a processand there are many uncertainties in the team regarding the players. The only thing that they can control is who they want on the team and what spirit should they need toinstil in order to be successful and improve their players. His initial focus was on making the players better and creating an identity for the club.

On Saturday Arsenal will be playing against Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinal and will be visiting Aston Villa on Tuesday. The Gunners can finish the season within the fifth position if there are to win their last two matches.